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Move with Layne

Hey there! That's me, Layne, and I am so happy you are here. I've fallen in love with healthy, gentle, consistent exercise over the past few years and it is my joy to share that with those around me and encourage them every step of the way. Here you will find daily workouts written and created by me. They are new every single week and are built in a way to makes you feel happy, confident, and strong. Whether you love the gym or are a homebody (like me) these workouts are for you. They never go longer than 45 minutes (that's even a stretch) and with time, you will see the benefits. Here at Move With Layne, I am working to create movement you love and well as movement you can continue to do throughout different life phases. Start today and I promise you will not be disappointed. Okay, let's move ◡̈

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